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The Criterion collection (USA)

Running time 105 minutes
Language Dutch / French
(English subtitles)
Format: 35mm color / Ratio 1 :1.85
Sound Dolby Digital mono




Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu, Joanna ter Steege, Gene Bervoets

Directed by
George Sluizer

Plot Summary
A young man begins an obsessive search for his girlfriend after she mysteriously disappears during their sunny vacation getaway. His three-year investigation draws the attention of her abductor, a seemingly mild-mannered professor who, in truth, harbours a clinical and diabolical mind. When the kidnapper contacts the man and promises to reveal his lover’s fate, The Vanishing unfolds with intense precision, culminating in a genuinely chilling finale that has unnerved audiences all over the world.

Screenplay by
Tim Krabbé and George Sluizer
Based on the novel ‘the golden egg’ by Tim Krabbé

Produced by
Anne Lordon & George Sluizer
MGS Film production (NL) / Ingrid Productions (France)

Director of photography – Toni Kuhn
Production designers – Santiago Isidro Pin
Sound – Piotr van Dijk
Production manager – Dirk Schreiner
Music – Henny Vrienten
Editors – George Sluizer / Lin Friedman

Raymond Lemorne – Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu
Saskia Wagter – Johanna ter Steege
Rex Hofman – Gene Bervoets
Lieneke – Gwen Eckhaus
Simone Lemorne – Bernadette le Saché
Denise – Tania Latarjet
Gabrielle – Lucille Glen

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