AThe awards and honors


Best  short Film – Dutch State Prize

Silver Bear – Berlin Film Festival

Youth Film Prize of Senate of Berlin – Berlin Film Festival

First Prize – Cork Film Festival

Great Film Prize of Uruguay – Montevideo Film Festival

ANWB Award – Film with greatest touristic value

FICC Award – International Festival of Karlovy Vary

Premio de la CIDALC – Intern. Latin America and Philippine Festival

First Prize – Festival of Beirut

First Prize – Festival of La corunã

Minerva d”oro – San Remo Festival

Silver Mask – Salerno Festival

Honourable Mention – Prize of the Council of Europe

Honourable Mention – Brussels Film Fest (film w.greatest educational value)

Honourable Mention – Vancouver Film Festival

Honourable Mention – Antwerp Triennale of the Industrial Film

“Besonders wertvoll” – Federal Government of West Germany


Screenplay Prize (1956) for best student script (IDHEC)

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